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About Portuguese Pedro APA

Beer with high hop bitterness, flavor and aroma that goes perfectily with Portuguese Pedro American Roots Music Style.

American Pale Ale (APA) it´s a style of beer developed in the USA in the 80´s. The APA´s have a alcohol content around 4,5% to 6,2% with a significant amount of the American Hop Cascade.

The American Pale Ale became an international beer style, with local adaptations, arising in many countrys associated with vertiginous growth of the craft beer market.

General aspects:
High fermentation beer where it´s use an neutral american yeast. It presents an amber copper color and a persistant foam.

It stands out the strong american hops aroma( cascade, chinook) where excels the citrics, floral and fruity notes.

A nice combination of malt with hops where the hops flavour comes out in a natural way. It presents a middle-high bitterness and it has a dry end.

Type: Ale
Style: American Pale Ale
Hops: Cascade and Chinook
IBU: 45
ALC: 6,0%

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About Praxis

In the late 80´s, the Coimbra´s beer factory stoped producing and in 2002 it closed doors. Coimbra became poorer with the disappearance of a long beer tradition that it´s origins takes us back to the begining of the XII century.

Mostly from 1924 when the Coimbra´s beer factory was inaugurated their habitants and the thousands of students that came to Coimbra to complete their study´s, could delight with Coimbra´s beer.

When Coimbra´s beer factory was shutdown Coimbra´s beer heritage was left abandoned , until someone remembered to bring it back to life. This person was the founder of Praxis, Cervejas de Coimbra, the entrepreneur Arnaldo Baptista, a believer of the city´s value as the culture capital of many of the worldwide Portuguese History.

In that moment the Project “Praxis, Cervejas de Coimbra” was born. In the late 90´s begins to take it´s firts steps but immediately runs into the Portuguese law, wich puts a lot of hindrances to this homage to the Coimbra´s Beer tradition.

In 2005 finally the autorization to reemerge that Beer tradition arrived. And in 2009, after a lot of effort, Praxis, Cervejas de Coimbra opens doors manage by the tenacity of Pedro Baptista and producing the beer nectar through the genius of the Brewmaster Márcio Ferreira.

Since then Praxis, Cervejas de Coimbra tries, humbly, every day to homage everyone that built the Coimbra´s Beer Heritage through our wonderfull beers, with high drinkability that takes us back to a rich past.